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Your Choice of Food and Weight Loss

Diets are about a dime a dozen in the world. There are diets where people forcefully cut their calories down and lose weight that way, there are diets where people very slowly cut down calories and they lose weight over a slow but steady amount of time, there are diets where people eat what they like and control portions, any many more. Most would be quick to assume that any way you look at it, selecting a diet where you can eat what you like will likely allow people to lose weight faster and more comfortably since they will be able to stay on the diet longer.

A small study done in the U.S showed that diets where food is chosen and diets where food is not chosen showed no or very minimal difference in weight loss when it came to these methods of eating. Researchers were unable to determine why this result came to be.

Even though there is a study saying otherwise, I still do not quite believe it. I could probably do a survey myself and come up with very different results when it comes to this same topic. This study was not detailed in terms of how many calories were in these diets, but this is a hard topic to study. I think what would have been a better choice to study would be how the subjects felt after they had lost the weight. Maybe interview about twenty or thirty of them, and really find out how the different diets made their weight loss journey. I say this because there is not much point in comparing the results of diets with similar or even equal calories, as no matter what food is in either diet, if both have two thousand calories, the results of weight loss will determine on many factors outside of the diet itself, such as metabolic rate, body fat percentage, athleticism from person to person, and many more things. Even though the study says that there is no significant difference in how fat the weight is lost, I believe that people will have a much easier time losing the weight if they are disciplined with their diet, but are at the same time allowed to eat what they like. If I were doing a diet where I could not eat certain foods, I know that I would be more likely to crack and cave in to my temptations, rather than follow a regimen where I was allowed to either have what I wanted in small quantities or incorporate a cheat day into the program.

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