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Yangtze Ship Disaster; Families Questioning Chinese Officials

Chinese authorities are saying that they are going above and beyond to ensure that families of victims of the cruise ship that capsized in the Yangtze River on Monday are cared for and are receiving information as quickly as it becomes available.

With the death toll having jumped to 396 with fewer than 50 still missing, over 1,400 family members have come to Jianli, where the ship went down, to express their need for information to the government and to make attempts at seeing the bodies of loved ones who unfortunately perished.

Despite the fact that government officials are saying that they are being open with the families of loved ones and are doing everything in their power to not have any “cover-ups”, there are conflicting stories of this. As Wang Shuang, 24, pointed out “there is no information at all. Everyday we’re here procrastinating, wasting time. There’s no clear-cut answers, there’s no progress to inform us of.”

Not only this, but families of victims who have been put up in hotels are concerned about the amount of security being used against them as they continue to pressure the government for answers regarding their loved ones.

The contradictions in information being given to families of victims of the capsized vessel brings up numerous questions and suspicions with regards to the capsizing and the vessel itself. Although the ship’s captain and chief engineer have been detained for questioning, the real question on everybody’s mind is why there is so much secrecy surrounding the event and the victims.

The Yangtze ship disaster brings up memories of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 last year, who still has families in limbo over the location of their loved ones. Hopefully for the families of individuals lost in the Yangtze ship disaster, the government will truly be more open about their rescue efforts and the status of victims.

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