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Xbox One to Have Backwards Capability

There is one thing that drives me crazy about new console releases. Sure, I am happy about these new devices and the new games and features that comes with them, but that does not mean that I never want to play the old games I love again. Most popular companies make it seem this way however. You can see plenty of examples like this with the newer Play Station threes not being able to play the popular titles that came with the Play Station two, and the Nintendo DS not being able to play the classic game boy colour games. I was even more angry when my original Nintendo Wii, which was fully capable of playing the old games for the Nintendo Game cube broke, and I was given a brand new Wii as a replacement. Sounds great in theory right? Well usually it would be, but the new Nintendo Wiis are incapable of playing the Game cube titles! What gets me even more frustrated with this is that these same companies have the audacity to open a game store for these new consoles and charge us for virtual versions of game titles that we already have! Well, it seems that Microsoft at least is finally listening to their audience in this regard.

Microsoft has announced that their newest edition to the gaming industry, the Xbox One, will soon allow backwards capability, meaning that they will allow their customers to play Xbox 360 games on the newer version. Also, like most of the other popular consoles now, in case someone did not have the chance to get popular Xbox 360 titles, Microsoft will also have a virtual store where you can buy these games and download them onto their console.

Even though I do not or have never owned an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, I am extremely happy with this announcement by Microsoft. I absolutely think that gaming systems having backwards capability will bring a company more money. I think this way because being in the customer’s shoes myself, I would think that I am now able to buy this new console and sell my old one, and then carry on happily. I think that if Microsoft’s biggest competitor in gaming, Sony, does not adjust their consoles to have backwards capability as well, they will lose a lot of their business, and a lot of people may not end up buying this console and being happy with the Play Station three that they likely bought nearly ten years ago now. I applaud the Nintendo Wii U for being able to use the Game Cube controllers on some of their titles because they understand that their current options are not comfortable for some players. I hope companies see this when I say thatbackwards capability is a feature that customers deeply appreciate.

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