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Woman To Spend Four Days In The Hospital Because Of Skinny Jeans

The saying is that beauty is pain. Well this study about the effects of skinny jeans on the body proves that quote true.


Skinny jeans have become hugely popular over the last few years. Everyone owns them, everyone wears them and everyone thinks they look fabulous with some cute heels and an oversized sweatshirt. Heck, even men are rocking them! But it seems like the potential health risks associated with wearing these pants might outweigh their “cool factor”.


The Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry presented a study which contained a true story which will hopefully make people rethink tight jeans.


A woman from Adelaide, Australia had spent the day helping a family member move. Of course, moving is tiring enough as it is but the woman, 35, spent hours at a time squatting down in her skinny jeans clearing out closets. That night she was walking home and all of a sudden she tripped and fell – completely unable to move. Her feet were numb and she lost feeling in her legs! She was alone outside for hours before someone stumbled upon her and took her to the hospital. Her legs had become so swollen that doctors couldn’t physically remove her jeans. They had to cut them off at her calves.


The study reports that nerve lesions have been recorded in the past from people wearing tight jeans but they have never before seen the extent of severe nerve and muscle damage in the lower legs present in this patient.


Doctors say that the woman’s consistent squatting had compressed the nerves and limited the blood supply to the muscles in the lower legs. The tight jeans only worsened the issue by containing the swelling and further restricting the blood from flowing to her legs. The loss of circulation rendered her unable to move her toes or ankles.


She was hospitalized for four days on an IV drip before she was able to get her footing back and go home. Dr. Thomas Kimber works at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia that treated the woman and released the study. Kimber stated:


“We were surprised that this patient had such severe damage to her nerves and muscles.”


Skinny jeans give “fashion victim” a whole new meaning!

Sure, they are sexy and trendy but is it worth it? There’s nothing sexy or trendy about swollen, immobile legs and an IV drip!

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