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Mall surveillance from the incident (Photo: CCTV)

Woman Dies At Chinese Shopping Mall In Escalator Accident

Sunday, July 26 the Wuhan Evening News reported of a fatal and heartbreaking accident that occurred at a Chinese shopping mall.

In Jingzhous, Hubei 30 year old Xiang Liujuan was out shopping with her three year old son and husband at the Anliang Mall. It started out like any other shopping trip but stepping on to the escalator was the last thing this mother and son would ever do together. Xiang and her son split away from her husband to shop on their own for a while when the incident occurred.

Surveillance cameras show Liujuan reaching the top of the escalator where mall staff warned her of the danger in front of her. She handed her son off to staff who were able to safely pull him onto solid ground but Liujuan instantly got sucked into and under the machine. The top few steps gave out beneath her feet and the escalator swallowed her whole.

She did not survive the accident. It took firefighters about four hours to extract her body from the underside of the escalator.

There is currently an investigation under way into the cause of the faulty panels. It’s speculated that recent construction on the escalator wasn’t done to code and workers had failed to secure the panel at the top landing platform.

Social media is ablaze with anger and remorse for the Liujuan family. Blaming not only those who worked construction on the escalator but also on mall staff who have a responsibility to the public to ensure safe and functioning escalators. After watching the surveillance footage, it seems to me that local outrage is completely justified. Staff simply did not make adequate attempts to help the woman and media reports indicate that the incident could have been avoided if staff were properly trained in escalator management (meaning they would have been able to hit the emergency stop button and avoid this tragedy altogether).

No child should have to watch their parent die in such a horrific accident. Condolences to the Liujuan family and I hope locals receive the answers they are looking for.


The following video contains footage which may be disturbing and upsetting to some viewers. Proceed with caution. 

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