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What Happens When Doctors Get Sick?

What happens when you are not feeling very well? Well, I can probably predict the series of events that people go through fairly accurately. First off, no matter what the symptoms are, they will likely do nothing about it for a few days, in hopes that their immune system can fight it off. Next, once they realize that this is not going to work, they self assess what they have and go to your local drug store or pharmacy and purchase something over the counter to see if that will help. Two things then happen from here. First, the medication works and they get back to their lives, or it does not, and the person starts to become worried. From here, this I’ll individual goes and makes an appointment with their doctor, and they are told what to take in order to feel better. When you think about it, there must be a never ending chain of doctors, right? If one doctor is sick beyond his own knowledge, sooner or later he’s going to have to go to a doctor, and the cycle continues. My point is, what happens when doctors get sick and they have patients to attend to?

Well, it turns out that there is a good chance that your doctor is fooling as to how well he or she is themselves when it comes to their own health. They likely know how to mask their own symptoms in order to convince you that they are not sick while they are helping you. It turns out, a survey was done at a facility where doctors were asked about what their purpose for coming in to work while sick was. It turns out that the more prominent causes were related to the work force, as if one doctor does not show up, the more load is out upon the other employees. Other responses were: To prevent being shunned by other employees and to put other patients in front of themselves.

I will be honest here. I have never for one second thought about the concept of a doctor being sick and what happens if they are. I just assumed that doctors are healthy whenever I go to see them. However, I am glad to see that doctors coming in to work to see their patients despite being sick had a rather large percentage of the medical field workers associated with it. As the world progresses, the amount of people that are willing to put others ahead of themselves is diminishing quickly. I am glad that some doctors see their job as something more than a large pay cheque, and that they make an enormous difference in so many people’s lives. Right now I am thinking  about the days where I am sick with even a common cold, have no energy and cannot even begin to think about work. If any doctors end up reading this, I deeply appreciate what you do and continue doing in order for your patients to stay healthy.

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