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War with Google Regarding Information

If you are at least twenty five years old, I am going to assume by now that you have at some point “Googled” yourself. Depending on how you feel about Google and the information industry, you will probably feel one of three ways when you see what comes up. You will either be okay with seeing your name pop up online, it will not really matter to you, or you will be infuriated that your details are just all over the place. Unless you live in Europe or other particular places, I do not really feel sorry for those who are upset with the fact that they have found information about themselves online.

The reason why I excluded Europe and other places from my unsympathetic remarks was because they actually have a court order which states that it is a right to have their information taken off of major search engines, so not doing it for them is a violation of those rights. Some people in the United States may feel differently about having their information available, but that is their problem to deal with.

A large reason why I am so unsympathetic to particular areas who cannot have their information taken off online search engines is because most of the time, they are the ones who put it there. Don’t believe me? Well I am going to hit you with a harsh dose of reality that may make you think twice. Think about social media such as Instagram. Before you can post your pictures and videos, you have already agreed to the terms and rules of their program by making your account. Okay Okay, I understand that not everyone has Instagram. Let us look at FaceBook then shall we? I will even use the example of someone who posts almost nothing, and probably only has the most basic information needed to sign up,and nothing more. With this example, they have still agreed to the terms and rules, but they do not post anything, so how does their information get put on Google? That is an easy one. Have you ever seen those silly tests on Facebook? Such as “Answer these ten questions and find your soul mate!” or “Find out what your favourite colour is with this test” ? Well the answer lies in those. In order to use these tests or similar features like it, there is likely a button or pop up that says it gets access to your friends, photos, profile information, which you quickly by pass in order to show your friends whatever result you got. I do not know this for sure, but I have a strong hunch that a bunch of these tests are designed by or are working for Google, which enables them to post your information.

What I am really trying to tell you here is to think twice before you point the finger at Google and calling them thieves, because there is a good chance you gave them the right to at some point. Information is a business now a days, more than people are likely willing to accept. Have you ever noticed now that when you use the internet on your computer, sometimes little advertisements will come up and display prices for items that you may have been looking for? It’s because all of these businesses nowadays thrive on knowing what the consumer wants, and will go to extensive measures to get it. This is why when people ask me about these things, or when these “free” prizes pop up on my screen, I see what they actually want, and it usually says something along the lines of “Oh this is free,  just fill out your name, last name, email address and phone number here!” and unless it is something I really want from a company I can really trust, I usually disregard these kinds of advertisements.

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