Tuesday , May 26 2020
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US-Mexico Drug Raid Surprises Officials

Drug smuggling has always been an intense and sophisticated process. However, officials were suprised at the new techniques and technologies that are being incorporated into drug smuggling today.

A drug “super tunnel” the length of eight football fields was raided by authorities, and what they found was shocking. The tunnel ran the length of eight football fields, from a warehouse in Tijuana to a warehouse in San Diego. The tunnel included a railway line, lighting, electricity, and metal support beams to prevent a structural collapse.

During the raid, at least 12 tons of marijuana, worth $6 million were confiscated. There were 22 people arrested in both cities.

This raid uncovered one of the largest drug tunnels recently discovered. U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said. “We see a super tunnel open for business once every year or so.”

The turn was discovered during a six-month investigation. The investigation started last may, and included an undercover agent participating in construction of the tunnel.

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