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Unsual Child remains found in Lagoon

Today, police officers continued their search for the missing remains of what doctors believe to be young child. Saturday, September 5th the hands and feet of what appears to be a young child were pulled from a lagoon and the surrounding areas in Garfield park, located in Chicago. A foot, which was seen floating in the lagoon, was the first to be found after a passerby called police reporting their findings.

Medical examiners began looking at the parts this morning but have said that the chances of identifying the cause of death based on these appendages alone will be next to impossible to do. It seems as though the limbs had been decomposing and quite deep into the process.

Marine and K9 units were called in to sweep the surrounding areas as well as to help search in the lagoon for the rest of body. The K9 units were seen sniffing around the shore line for anything else that may have been missed. The Marine units were also seen waist deep looking through the waters.

At this time it is unknown if any other body parts were recovered during their search. The gender of the young child, predicted to have been between the years of 2 and 4, is still unknown as well.

After the news about the body parts being found spread, many locals came to watch as the units swept the area which has been closed off due to investigation. One member of the community, Perry Starks, who is a known member of the Garfield Park Advisory Council, came by to check out the scene and stated that bodies had been found in the lagoon before but that this one was by far the saddest finding.

The park is well known for having negative nighttime activities such as drug dealing, sex acts, and even people sleeping there for the night. Because of this laws were put into place stating that no one can park there between the hours of 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Many still claim however that this is a wonderful park and that it is “the jewel of the West Side” and are horrified that people would commit such a crime in the park.

No more remains have been found and the park remains under investigation until further notice.

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