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Unplugged – Disconnecting From Technology And The City

Breaking The Cycle


It’s easy to see that we live in the age of technology. In an era where time seems to be so valuable that we make everything happen in an instant. Contacting people through text to relay information…instantly. Driving up to a window to receive a meal…instantly. Taking a photo on our phone and uploading it for the world to see…instantly.

What is hard to see unless you take a step back is that this idea of instant gratification has consumed all of our time – not saved any of it. Think about the amount of time we waste scrolling through endless amounts of information. Or how much time we spend reading our newsfeeds unhappily comparing ourselves to each other. You wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and the next thing you know it’s an hour later and you’re holding your phone in the dark with your face lit up by the screen.

The witty and sarcastic Benjamin Hart was just as dependant on his iPhone as the next guy…but he saw the gray truth that he was living and decided to leave New York behind. Not just New York, though. He did what is unthinkable for most – he disconnected completely. He left New York and the internet behind.

He moved himself into a fourteen bedroom house for a quarter of a million dollars.  A home which he calls “placid and wonderful”. He says by moving and unplugging he has found the space and time to do things he would have never considered before like jarring salsa and growing a garden! Hart used to automatically reach for his phone in the morning when waking up…but now he’s been able to shut off auto-pilot and really appreciate his surroundings.

Being stuck as “greedy approval-seekers” waiting for “likes” and comments to show us how great we are is no way to live. Hart was able to recognize that he was trapped in an ever time consuming cycle of becoming instead of just being and managed to find his escape.

Want to contact Benjamin Hart? “Pick up the phone and call, or better yet, send (him) an old-fashioned letter, since they’re inherently more special than emails.”

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