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Photo: AP/©Bob Ross Inc. ® The Joy of Painting

Twitch TV releases Bob Ross Joy of Painting marathon

Twitch TV has given the world a magnificent gift. The online television service has released a streaming marathon of Bob Ross’s Joy of Painting series!

That’s right, 403 episodes (almost 200 hours) of the PBS show that changed how the world looks at painting…and afros. Twitch released the series on Thursday, which would have been the painter’s 73rd birthday. However, lymphoma took him in 1995 and now he rests among his “fluffy clouds.”

Twitch is airing the marathon to draw attention to their Creative Channel. In their official press release they said that the channel is “a determined community of artists, crafters and builders who have been using Twitch to broadcast their creative processes.”

The Joy of Painting series aired on PBS from 1983 to 1994. Ross’s soothing/encouraging voice paired with an easel, canvas and palate were all that the show needed to make it a huge success. In his 11 years hosting the art series, he has become a timeless icon and inspiration. He wanted to spread art around the world and let people know that we are all painters. He taught us:

“Anyone can paint. All you need is a dream in your heart and a little practice.”

Annette Kowalski worked with Ross both in business and in the creative world. She did an interview with and told them:

“Bob always says, ‘Let’s learn this together,’. He didn’t put people down, and he made people think they could do it, and together they would learn to do it.”

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It’s no mistake that we’re given the opportunity to revisit Bob’s joyful artistic process. He would tell us, “There are no mistakes…only happy accidents.”

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