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Photo: TwinStrangers

Twin Stranger Founder Finds Her THIRD Doppelganger

Niamh Geaney is one of the founders of Twin Strangers. Twin Strangers is a website which is dedicated to connecting people with their doppelgangers anywhere from their own backyard to potentially across the planet!*

It all began with Niamh’s belief that everybody has 7 look-alikes in the world.  She embarked on a 28-day challenge with two friends (Harry and Terence) to see which of them could find the most convincing doppelganger. Before long, their challenge snowballed. Their YouTube video went completely viral, garnering over 7 million views and their Facebook page exploded with media and public attention.

The website – – was created because of the overwhelming demand from people on Facebook hoping to find their own look-a-likes. The site now has over 750,000 users!

The success of the site has brought plenty of twin strangers together and it’s also helped Niamh get closer to her goal of finding all seven doppelgangers.

Karen Branigan, also from Ireland, was the first twin stranger that Niamh met. The video of their meet-up caught the attention of a woman in Italy who thought her friend, Luisa Guizzardi, was potentially another twin stranger match for Niamh. Karen registered at Twin Strangers and before long, she got in touch with Niamh.

Photo: Twin Strangers - Karen and Niamh
Photo: Twin Strangers – Karen and Niamh
Photo: Twin Strangers - Luisa and Niamh
Photo: Twin Strangers – Luisa and Niamh

Just this week, a new video has been released documenting the meet-up of Niamh and her THIRD twin stranger, Irene Adams.

When they first saw each other Niamh said that “amazement, wonder and awe (took) over.” The pair spent the day together taking photos and doing their makeup to emphasize their similarities. But those similarities were more than skin deep. They had a similar smile, similar vernacular and even moved in the same way!

Photo: Twin Strangers
Photo: Twin Strangers

The two went to meet up with Irene’s sister, Aoife, and see what she thought of seeing them side by side. Aoife’s reaction was priceless. She said:

“It’s uncanny. You actually look more like Niamh than your own sister!”

Photo: Twin Strangers
Photo: Twin Strangers

Uncanny was the perfect description. A DNA test is currently underway to make 100% sure that the two aren’t long lost sisters.

Niamh is still on the hunt for her four remaining doppelgangers. After this remarkable experience, Irene may also be hooked. In a Q/A session said said:

“…it’s been a super fun experience meeting one, why not meet more?”

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The content in this article was provided courtesy of Twin Strangers. To visit their website and find your twin, go to:

*To read another story of two Twin Strangers meeting up through the site, follow the link below:

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