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True Cure For a Hangover?

We have all been there. We have all had that one Friday, Saturday, or even Tuesday night where we went out and had ourselves a great time, but we wake up with the infamous disorientation, head pounding, dehydration, and just total lack of motivation to do anything but make it stop. You know what I am talking about. The classic hangover. Well, now a company called Pedialyte is saying that their drink is the answer to your hangover problems.

Pedialyte first aimed its drinks at children, but now they are finding that it helps greatly in reducing the nausea, dry mouth and pounding headache that comes with a hangover. Sooner or later, everyone who is a part of some kind of social media will know about it, as they have launched a campaign online, claiming that Pedialyte is the answer for those who think that their tomorrow will be ruined by tonight. It seems as though this campaign was successful, as adults are now the main users of this drink, and use of it has risen fifty seven percent in the past three years.

I understand that nobody likes hangovers, but personally, I believe that Pedialyte, along with any other drink or product that claims to totally wipe out a hangover is simply a bad idea. I  think this way because having products like these will encourage people to consume even more alcohol the night before, thinking that they will not have any consequences to pay come the next morning so long as they drink or eat something. What they may not think about is that sure, they will not have a hang over to worry about, but the extra amount of alcohol they consume in a night knowing they will not have a hangover the next morning might land them in even more trouble. My concern for cases like these are not particularly aimed at the older crowds, because I trust that they have reached the age where getting totally drunk and losing control of themselves is not fun anymore. My aim for this message is to the younger crowds, maybe those who have recently just turned nineteen and now finally have the legal privilege of purchasing alcohol, or those who are underage and may do it because they believe it will make them part of a particular group. Or  maybe those who do not know about alcohol poisoning, throwing up, liver damage, and the other side effects that come with excessive alcohol consumption. Drinks like Pedialyte may not only encourage excessive drinking from these younger crowds, but it may also influence which nights they do them on as well. For example, If a nineteen year old has an exam the next morning, he may not bother with drinking the night before, even if all of his or her friends are doing it, and that would likely be a smart decision on their part. However, with drinks specifically aiming to cure hangover symptoms, this student’s choice may change, as he could theoretically just wake up early, drink Pedialyte or something similar, and then continue on with his day. Except, what this student may not think about is that hangovers come in levels. Some may wake up with just a small headache, where they can just continue on with their day despite it, but there are others that produce the pounding headache and that lifeless feeling. What if they do not have enough Pedialyte to relieve this hangover? Now they are in a less optimal mindset to write their exam to say the least. These are some of the reasons why I believe that creating products to mask what essentially should be punishment for doing something irresponsible is just simply not a good idea.

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