Monday , May 25 2020
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Transgender Woman Pushed onto Subway Tracks in Possible Hate Crime

The idea behind not being heterosexual has been a topic that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. While some people like myself have chosen to accept the idea that some people are born like this, there are others out there who choose not to believe so and discriminate and disrespect them with just about every chance they get. I mean, calling them names and not agreeing with their lifestyle is one thing, but to actually physically threaten someone’s life because of it? I simply cannot wrap my head around it.

New York police state that a man pushed a twenty eight year old woman onto the train tracks of a subway after he became upset when they made eye contact. Luckily no train passed by during the brief time she was on the tracks, so she only left with non life threatening cuts and bruises, but still, the principal behind it drives me absolutely crazy. Police are under investigation to confirm if this was a hate crime or not.

Unless this person was a psychopath or had some kind of fetish for pushing people onto train tracks, I am one hundred percent behind the idea that this could very potentially be a hate crime. In this particular case, I do not care what someone thinks of the whole idea of having another sexual orientation other than heterosexual, the thought that this person could have died all because this stupid person may have a problem infuriates me. I wish everyone was mature enough to just accept that they may not see eye to eye with everyone and move on with their day, but it seems with cases like these still going on, we are a long way from that.

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