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Top Ten Cities to Retire In May Surprise Some

Bankrate.com has recently released the top ten best cities to retire in, and apparently Florida is not as popular as previously thought. For the most part actually, Arizona’s low property taxes and beautiful weather has shown up numerous times on the list. From Bankrate.com’s list, I have compiled some of the attractions to living in each city on the list, although I am nowhere near retirement, a number of these places actually seem like quite a bit of fun to live in.

10. Franklin, Tennessee
Established in 1799, Franklin’s main street is reported to be America’s Favorite Main Street, and for good reason! The street is lined with adorable shops and boutiques that not only make Franklin quite walkable, but also very quaint for those looking to retire. Franklin also boasts a huge art scene with monthly events, summer home tours of the historic homes still in the area, a Heritage Ball and even a few Brew Fests on the main street throughout the year.
There’s also a number of very affordable retirement communities for a range of needs in Franklin, making Franklin accessible, historic and a fun place to settle down in your golden years.

9. Colorado Springs, Colorado
Not only is Colorado Springs located in by far one of the prettiest areas of America, but it also boasts a host of activities for everyone of all ages. Although definitely more for those inclined to be outdoors, there are lots of other attractions as well. From rafting, rock climbing and horseback riding to scenic train and balloon tours, everyone’s interests can be peaked in Colorado Springs.
There are also a number of art and music festivals and rodeos throughout the year to spice things up. The downtown core of Colorado Springs is also extremely accessible and home to a number of retirement communities that are popular and affordable in sunny Colorado Springs.

8. Cape Coral, Florida
The only Florida city on the list this year is Cape Coral, Florida. Although much smaller than some of the other cities on the list, it is still known as the “Waterfront Wonderland” for its 640 kilometers of navigable waterways. However, because of this, property prices are often relatively high.

7. Austin, Texas
My personal favourite of cities on the list is the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas. Not only is the music scene incomparable to anywhere else, but the weather and lower prices make Austin a destination of choice for retirees. Not only is it a city where you can be as much of an outdoor adventurer as you want, but there is also the music, the film and the sports to keep you entertained and always trying new things.

6. Denver, Colorado
The capital of Colorado, Denver, is another on the list. Not only is the weather and arts scene out of this world, but similarly to Colorado Springs, not only can those with an interest in outdoor activities be kept interested, but on a larger scale those interested in arts and history will also find pleasure in Denver. Being the capital of Colorado, Denver is also where a number of even larger events take place throughout the year such as dining under the Larimer Lights, a mythic creatures festival and even just spending time at the Denver Zoo with the family.

5. Des Moines, Illinois
Des Moines, Illinois was sort of a surprise to me with being on the list. Although business costs are below the nation average and household incomes are increasing, I think the real draw for retirees is the park system of the city. Des Moines boasts 76 parks that are beautifully maintained and environmentally friendly. The fact that the weather is beautiful and that the city is very easily walked are also other factors as to why this city is on the map for retirees.

4. Tucson, Arizona
Another Arizona city on the list, Tucson’s weather is not only perfect, but it is also a huge family city with tons of attractions and activities for families. From Kitt Peak National Observatory, to shopping in the Sun Link Streetcar, Tucson is not only accessible for all ages, but also a lot of fun. Some of the signature Tucson events also include their January Jazz Festival, Tucson Festival of Books in March and the February Rodeo and Parade.
Tucson is also a hotspot for athletes who often do their training here. But the real allure for retirees is most likely the beautiful weather, low property taxes and general affordability of Arizona.

3. Prescott, Arizona
Home to one of the Top Ten Public Spaces in the United States, “The Plaza”, Prescott comes in at number three. For similar reasons as to the other Arizona cities, its affordability, beauty and accessibility make it hotspot for retirees everywhere. Prescott also hosts Historic Walking Tours, arts and crafts shows, museums, rodeos, and lots of free Nature walks year round for residents and visitors.

2. Arlington/Alexandria, Virginia
Arlington/Alexandria are exciting additions to the list. Arlington being home to the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, the Marine Corps War Memorial for Iwo Jima, the Air Force Memorial and the Pentagon Memorial. Not only does this city love their troops, but it is also affordable and offers lots to do and quaint, affordable, historic homes.

1. Phoenix metro area, including Mesa and Scottsdale
Of course with a list so filled with Arizona, Phoenix comes in at number one. And to no surprise. Its hiking trails, golf and arts and culture can not be surpassed in the country, not to mention the weather and affordability that is shared by all of the Arizona cities.

It will be interesting in the coming years to see if Arizona maintains its domination of the list. But even though these cities have been selected as hotspots for retirees, in reality, all of these cities have a lot to offer anyone.

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