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Tom Hardy And A Pregnant Charlotte Riley Attend The Legend Premiere With Family Dog

Thursday, September 3rd was a very busy day for Tom Hardy (37) and his wife, Charlotte Riley (33).

Their long day started when they rocked the blue carpet at the premier for Hardy’s new film, Legend. They even brought their family dog along to the event. Their dog, Woody, definitely caught the attention of the photographers. Hardy kept him on a tight leash but the adorable pup stood beside his owner for photos, chased a pigeon and did what dogs do best…beg their people for affection. Hardy had many interviews interrupted by Woody jumping up for some love.

The pair were both looking absolutely stunning. Charlotte was wearing a black maxi dress with a cream bow and a very pregnant belly. Tom was wearing a sharp Alexander McQueen suit but his best accessory by far was Woody.

Photo: Joanne Davidson/The Picture Library Ltd.
Photo: Joanne Davidson/The Picture Library Ltd.

Pregnancy rumors may have been swirling but it wasn’t until now that the rumors have been confirmed. With the size of Charlotte’s belly, the very private couple couldn’t really keep their big news under wraps any longer. The pair was married in July last year. This will be Hardy’s second child and third wife. Third time’s a charm, right?

Tom isn’t new to fatherhood and isn’t afraid to talk about how fatherhood and different changes in his life have given him new direction. He told Metro:

“I had no idea how to handle the industry, to interact with producers, executive producers, studios… I was 24 – punching above my weight. And it’s taken being someone’s dad, being divorced, going to rehab, having mortgages, playing different characters, doing theatre, waiting and then it not happening. And then doing rather well at something, enjoying my character work, but it not being a huge amount of money.”

Photo: Jon Furniss/Corbis
Photo: Jon Furniss/Corbis

Legend may be one of Hardy’s biggest acting challenges to date. He will be playing a set of twins, Ronnie and Reggie Kray. The Evening Standard asked Tom about his role(s) in the flick. He said:

“In all honesty for me this is the hardest thing that I’ve tried to do in my career, trying to pull off a couple of characters in the same film.”

Watch Legend in theatres October 2nd this year.

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