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Three Million New Amazon Prime Members In One Week

Amazon has had some staggering numbers this past month. In the week leading up to Christmas, they sold over 3 million Amazon Prime memberships!

The online retailer offers the Prime membership, which gives special privileges and benefits to members. They get free two-day shipping, access to streaming videos, a half hour head start on limited time temporary deals and other benefits!

The company doesn’t usually open up about their sales. They typically just say that they have “tens of millions” of Prime membership holders worldwide. But with such impressive numbers, it’s no surprise they’re disclosing their holiday increases. The cost of a membership last year was $79, that number has since been bumped to $99 a year.

Not only can Amazon count on gaining more Prime members, but they can also count on more sales! According to Consumer Intelligence Research partners, people who shop on Amazon with Prime memberships usually spend twice as much as those who don’t have a membership.

Aside from the growth of Prime members, Amazon has also doubled their numbers of movies watched on Prime video since last year!

Helping all the procrastinating Christmas shoppers has really helped Amazon have a successful year.

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