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The Infamous “Dad Bod” and Why You Should Think Twice About It

I’ll be honest, I had no idea that this whole “dad bod” was even a thing up until about a week or two ago, but either way, it is ridiculous. From my understanding, the concept of the dad bod is that women are supposedly more attracted to a man who does not have a very muscular physique, six pack abs, defined arm muscles and whatever else comes with the opposite. This may very well be true for some women, but that really is not what puzzles me about this whole idea. What is really puzzling me is how judgemental this is against those who do not have the dad bod.

After doing a little bit of research online, I have found some reasons that people have provided for women preferring the dad bod over another type of body. One of them was “Better Personality”. The reasoning behind this one was that men with six pack abs can never relax and are always worried about their next workout or what they are “allowed to eat”, or how they can burn off whatever they may have eaten or drank during a night out. As someone who frequents the gym and has this physique that all these people claim would make someone have an inferior personality, I am not sure what else to say aside from the fact that this point is horrendously inaccurate. The one exception that could be provided to this is when someone may be preparing for a physique or bikini show, in which times their diet must be strict day in and day out, but that is only for a certain period of time! not everyday. I love to go to the gym, but it by no means interferes with my social life, I do not feel guilty after going out on a Friday or Saturday evening, I am certainly not one of those people that screams Satan at the sight of a piece of cake, and I am more than capable of relaxing. If people went and actually conversed with some of those who go to the gym instead of judging them based on how they think they have to act in order to maintain the bodies that they have, they will probably learn that those who go to the gym love excessive amounts of food more than anyone!

The next reason gets me even more annoyed than the last, that being that women want to be the ones who look good and get the compliments, and the dad bod allows for this. Excuse me? So these men appreciate their bodies and choose to take care of themselves through muscular fitness, and they are now at fault because of that? They need to succumb to the insecurities of these women because they are the ones who choose not to put in the time and effort and expect it to be handed to them? I do not think so. No way. Women have just as much access to the facilities that men do to take care of themselves. In fact, in some countries, there are facilities that are offered to women only because of this whole insecurity around muscular men concept! If they want this attention so bad and they know that their significant other looks good with the absence of their shirt, I say they should have to go and work for it, just like their men have, and not force their men to stop bettering themselves. Give me a break. I understand that everyone has a busy schedule, but that is no excuse. If compliments at the beach or something similar are something you care about, and you know that your man frequents the gym, then women who think this way should make some kind of effort to begin that process of looking better, which would end up bettering both parties in the relationship, as opposed to just bringing one down. I also understand that women do have more of their social norms placed upon their appearance than men do, but a strong and stable woman should be able to look past that nonsense or simply ignore it.

At the end of the day, I believe that those who are into this whole “dad bod” thing, have either grossly misjudged the population of men who choose to go to the gym regularly, had a significant other that obsessed over the gym and then assumed that everyone who goes to the gym must act the same way, or have found an easy way to bring down male gym goers in order to cover up their own insecurities and laziness.

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