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42 General Election Comes To An End In Canada

The federal election in Canada comes to a close after a grueling 78 day campaign.

78 days might not seem lengthy for our American counterparts, but with the standard being five weeks…78 days was surely a new experience for Canadian politicians and voters. The longer campaign allowed voters more time to get to know the candidates and have a better chance of making a truly informed decision.

Today, Canadians will have selected which local candidate they think will best represent their party on Parliament Hill.

In order to vote, two pieces of ID are required (one of which needs to show proof of address). If your ID doesn’t show proof of address you need either:

  • A second person who can confirm your address
  • A bill, or document that has your name and address

According to Elections Canada, there are about 26.4 million Canadians registered to vote and 3.6 million of those voters had already cast their votes in the early polls over Thanksgiving weekend. Yet even with those early birds, the lines at some voting stations this morning were out the doors.

Each station was open for 12 hours today, but many people tried to get in first thing before work. Donald and Shirley Lawson of Halifax (a couple in their eighties) had to abandon their spot in line due to the long wait time. Donald told CTV Atlantic: “I’ve never, ever seen it this bad. You get fed up.”

It wasn’t just the stations flooded with people. The Elections Canada website experienced such a high volume of traffic this morning that the website was temporarily frozen!

Whatever the outcome tomorrow morning, those who braved the line can feel confident knowing their voice was heard. For those who didn’t cast a vote, you don’t get to complain!

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