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The Bachelorette 2015 – Two Part Premier

Suckers For Punishment Or Hopeless Romantics?

Well, the two part premier of ABC’s The Bachelorette is over. For the first time in Bachelor history, we started out with TWO bachelorettes – Britt Nillson and Kaitlyn Bristowe! The women, recently rejected by Chris Soules, were put in a position where one of them would have to face rejection again!

Let’s go over some of what happened night one.

First we got introduced to the guys!

We’ve got Jonathan, who has a son. He seems super sweet and genuine but people with kids haven’t had it easy on the show in the past.

There’s  Josh who is in law school and is a fire fighter…wait…no….he’s an “exotic dancer”. He says he has trouble finding a woman despite being around women all the time. Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news…but a strip club isn’t the place to find quality women! He seems like a total sleaze but that’s just me judging the book by its cover.

Then we have Brady who is the singer/songwriter from Nashville. Of course with the musicians you always wonder about ulterior motives.

Joshua – totally one of my favourites – is a small town country boy with two adorable bulldogs and seems like a complete gentleman.

Ryan. “That guy” who drinks too much and makes a fool of himself. He made both girls feel uncomfortable, knocked things over in the house, slapped Kaitlyn’s behind, stripped to go in the pool, and even heckled one of the men during their entrance.. Thank goodness Chris Harrison stepped in to tell him he’d have to leave the show.

It was awkward to watch the guys come out of the limos and gush over one girl while the other one stood within ear shot. The men cast their votes on which girl they liked more by putting roses into ballot boxes in a separate room. The night ended on a cliff hanger after the roses were counted.

Night two!

Chris tells Britt that she didn’t receive enough votes. She takes it like a real lady and leaves with her head held high (you go girl!). Meanwhile, Kaitlyn spends more time with the guys. She ends up giving Shawn, who looks like Ryan Gosling, the first impression rose. No shocker there as their conversations were natural and easy.

But there was one shocking moment in the middle of the rose ceremony. Brady pulls Kaitlyn aside to tell her that his heart is with Britt and just like that, he leaves the show to “go find Britt” with help from Chris Harrison.

Thank goodness the two nights of torture are over and we can start to get into the things we love about The Bachelorette.

Horseback riding, private concerts, tears, drama and exotic adventures…it looks like this season of The Bachelorette will have it all.

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