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Thanks, Dad

For a university student, coming home for a weekend is usually a treat where you’re spoiled with all your favourite meals and an abundance of socks and underwear that you could have bought yourself (but it is so much better this way). I also have a habit of leaving all of my packing to the last possible second- leaving my room in a complete travesty for my parents to deal with the next time they have guests stay over night (Sorry mom!)

As the drug and department stores are so eager to remind you, fathers day is coming up on June 21st. Then begins the sudden panic and texts to your siblings hoping that they have finally taken the initiative and have a plan for a gift.


“Hey what r we getting dad 4 fathers day?”

“Good question”

“Any ideas?”

“No, do u?”

…. “I’ll come up with something”


(Insert passive aggressive silence here)

If your father is anything like mine, shopping for the man is near impossible. He has an eclectic style that I at times, I think I might have tapped into… but then I come home to two majestic stone lions in the backyard.

Seeing how I’m already indebted to my parents until long after my own death, unless its something specific or something special, spending money on frivolous fluffs seems redundant. Spending quality family time together is usually what is requested. However, our family is constantly on the go, so sitting and “spending time together” usually ends in a bloody war over a board game or a fight over which movie to watch.

So I’ve come up with some ideas of things I know my dad would appreciate, and they take more from my time and energy than my bank account (which he would also appreciate).

Hopefully they inspire you, god’s speed friends


Every now and then I get this itch to spruce a room up, whether it’s just moving a pillow or a chair. This summer I was inspired to use some acrylic paint in the downstairs bathroom, and add an accent wall of black stripes on the white.

Dad didn’t take too kindly to the globs of paint and by now I had realised you DON’T use it on walls for a reason. The next day I gave the wall a coat of white paint that almost made everything worse.

(I started sanding and got the paint out this morning, almost a year later…)


The Student Life Network has partnered with the Royal Bank of Canada to help out some lucky students and their parents. You can submit a “thank you story” to be entered to win several prizes designed to say thanks to your mom and pop, and hopefully send them on a sunny vacation to Punta Cana courtesy of RBC.

It doesn’t cost anything to enter, and it gives you a link to share your story with others.

(The perfect weapon for a facebook-happy parent)

There are a few of tasks and videos to watch that earn more entries, as well as following RBC and Student Life Network on social media.

Here is a link to my thank you story (Its still in progress, but you’ll get the idea)


If all else fails you can always resort to humour:

But I may change this one into “Sorry we drive you nuts…”

Or this for the sarcastic child

Stay tuned for more!


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