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Teresa Giudice Released From Prison For Christmas

Reality star Teresa Giudice is being released from prison Wednesday.

Guidice and her husband both star in the Real Housewives of New Jersey and faced some real legal troubles that came to a head in March 2014. That was the day the couple admitted guilt to a handful of federal fraud charges. They confessed to concealing assets from bank collectors and to submitting fraudulent loan applications, which put $5 million into their pockets for construction and their mortgage.

Teresa’s attorney, James Leonard Jr., has announced that she will be home for the holidays! He will be bringing her home from the Danbury Federal Correctional Institution Wednesday. He said:

“She’s getting released on December 23, I don’t know exactly what time. I will be picking her up and driving her home.”

The family won’t be celebrating long. With Teresa back, the Giudice family will face yet another hiccup. When the couple was sentenced, the judge agreed that both parties would spend some time behind bars. However, they would do so one at a time so their four daughters wouldn’t be left without both parents. Teresa was sentenced to 15 months (her release will mark 11 ½ months). Joe Giudice will be in the prison system for 41 months.

The time apart isn’t the only struggle the couple faces. Joe isn’t an American citizen and once his sentence is complete he may be facing deportation.

Taking things as they come seems to be the only way the Giudice family can cope with the struggles ahead. Once Teresa gets back to her family, she will be on strict home confinement. That will last until February 5th. Her attorney said:

“During that period, she will be able to work, she will be able to take care of business, medical [things]. She’ll be out and about. And then when that period ends, she will begin a [two-year] period of supervised release.”

It’s not all doom and gloom in their home! With Joe away, Teresa will need to get back to work. And you know what that means…more of the Giudice family on The Real Housewives of New Jersey!

She has also co-authored a cookbook with People magazine writer, K.C. Baker. It will be called, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again. That book will be released just days after her home confinement ends – which we can only assume means she will be free to do book signings!

Wishing all the best for the Giudice’s. Hopefully they can enjoy their holidays and make some memories to use as strength to get through the coming months apart.

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