Monday , May 25 2020
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Temperatures Cooling In Houston

Tropical winter is a pretty accurate description for the lack of cold temps and snow we’ve been seeing in 2015. It’s mid-December and the dream of a white Christmas seems pretty far off at this point!

This morning Houston forecasts rain, rain and more rain after a series of thunderstorms. They saw 2 inches of rain and some pretty big hail. Travis Herzog, meteorologist, says that now the thunderstorms are done but the wet forecast could continue on for a bit longer.

The rain is bringing colder temperatures along with it. It’s expected to be in the upper 50’s and with the sun blocked by clouds, could feel even colder than that. Temperatures will keep dropping through Thursday, and by Friday morning, it’s expected to be about 30 degrees.

Don’t get too excited, but some areas in the north side of Houston could see frost! Unfortunately for us, all those cool temperatures and promising frost won’t last. It’s predicted that a wave of warm and humid weather will blow over right before Christmas.

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