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Technology Introduced for Safe Overtaking On Roads

When most people are on the road, whether it is on a motorcycle, bicycle, car, van, SUV, or whatever they are using, there is usually one thought in each operator’s mind that is common across the board. That is to get from where ever they are to where they want to be as fast as possible. The one exception to this is if you are going out for a drive for the sole purpose of enjoying the length of the ride. With this goal of getting to where you need to go as fast as possible, there usually comes with it one time or another, a risk of putting yourself in danger in order to do it. I am thinking about two lane roads, where traffic opposes each other to be precise. Sometimes, someone will be driving too slow for someone else’s liking, so they will try to pass them, temporarily putting themselves in the lane with on coming traffic. While this does work for a good amount of people who do it, there is the chance to get stuck in that lane for a number of reasons. The first is, just because one person is driving slowly in front of you, that does not mean they are doing it for nothing. Someone in front of the car that is ahead of you could be going slow as well, and then you end up trapped in the on coming lane because of it. See how ugly that got in such little time? This is often how people get into head on collisions on the road and end up with totaled cars or in the hospital for severely damaged bodies if they are lucky, but many of these people end up dead. That scenario was just with a car or a van, now picture this, or picture the last time you did it if you are guilty of it. People do these kinds of precarious actions with trucks in front of them. Since it is extremely dangerous with trucks in particular, Samsung has come up with a method that they think will work to help correct the amount of accidents that happen when people try and overtake the large vehicles.

Samsung is working on installing cameras in the trucks that will display a screen on the back of them for drivers to see, in case they wish to overtake them. By being able to see the amount of traffic in front of the truck, overtaking a truck on a two lane road would be far less dangerous. The camera Image at the back of the truck is produced by using the visual produced by using a wireless camera at the front of the truck. The Korean developers hope to release this product first in Argentina, where they have a very high rate of death on the road because of the amount of two lane roads they have.

This sounds like an idea from heaven right? Now you can overtake trucks in Argentina without worrying about dying! Well, I am going to offer my point of view on this particular subject, and you may or may not feel the same way about the device. Firstly, while I do agree that overtaking a truck would be a safer and and less risky maneuver for drivers, that is not to say that it does not come without danger. Think about what most people do when they get on the highway. They are already experiencing the thrill of going faster than on the local roads, and now they are presented with a blank road in front of them for the next kilometer, and a hill going upward blocks their vision any further ahead. What does this person do? Especially if they are among the younger crowd and they have noticed that there are not any police around? Well they are going to speed up of course, maybe even put the gas pedal right to the floor for a short time. Now picture someone behind a truck and using their camera system to see that there is no oncoming traffic, so now they feel it is safe to overtake, so they try. Well, they still need to speed up enough to pass the truck, and by the time they gain the speed to safely get back into the lane in front of the truck, my friend who has been seeing a blank road is still accelerating. Guess what happens to these two cars? They collide, and they hit hard since both of them are in situations where high speeds are used. That is about all I can think of in terms of head on collision risk with this camera installed, but my next point pertains solely to the driver using it. Picture those people on the road who are so eager to get to where they need to go that they begin tailgating you, honking at you for stopping at a yellow light, and maybe even try to overtake you multiple times but fail because it is not safe to do so. These are the individuals I am thinking of in this next situation. Regardless of how good a driver you think you are, you need to have your eyes on the road in order to stay safe. Some may feel more comfortable multitasking in their car because of how long they have been driving, but they still need to focus. I feel as though some one could be so fixated on the camera on the back of the truck, that they lose sight of many other things, such as the activity of the truck itself for instance. If someone is so fixated on the camera and fails to realize that the truck is slowing down or stopping, this will cause a rear end collision between the car and the truck, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to both cars and even damaging the camera system in the truck, which would cause even more money to repair. Another thing to think about is that if they are fixated on the truck, they may also forget about the speed at which they are going. The last thing I can think of is some one who does not have the best eyesight and may need to get closer to the truck in order to see what is going on the camera, unconsciously causing them to tailgate the truck, probably one of the worst things you can do on the road.

I am not saying that this product would not be effective, especially in an area like Argentina, I am just saying there are some dangers that some people may not be thinking about if this were to actually be made a reality.

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