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Teacher arrested after Tesla coil stunt, marked ‘I love mom’ on students Mother’s Day, people find the clever ways to show their moms they care. Some write them poems, some give them the traditional mother’s day greeting card from the store or even do all of the chores around the house. But in one more slightly controversial way to cherish moms everywhere, a science high school teacher in Oregon showed students on April 30 how a Tesla coil could burn a mark on their skin.

The Tesla coil was invented in 1891 by Nikola Tesla, and it’s a high voltage transformer that produces high-frequency alternating current electricity. The teacher, Samuel Dufner, likely tried to liven up his science class, which isn’t always the most entertaining subject in the world. He could have livened up chemistry through chemical explosions, but with electricity, he used the Tesla coil.

Dufner asked for student volunteers and actually marked one or two of the students’ arms with “I love mom” and a fitting heart with the message. He was arrested on May 5 when a parent complained. He was arrested on two counts of criminal mistreatment. The investigation is still ongoing and the marks on the student’s arms have since faded, the police told the Associated Press.

Parents these days complain just about anything, it seems, even though the student likely told the student that being marked by the coil didn’t even hurt (which some students told the Statesman Journal). A junior and aid, Cheyenne Ward, suggested that none of the students were sad or upset by the incident.

One other bizarre gift you can get your mom as a late present is a board game called the Crazy Cat Lady Game. The premise is that the player with the most cats by the end of the game wins. I guess Sam Dufner or his students hadn’t heard of this game to get their moms.  

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