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Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ is totally awesome


(Click here for Taylor Swift’s new video.) Photo     courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Taylor Swift’s new music “Bad Blood” debuted tonight at the Billboard Music Awards, which is fitting because it is so star-studded.

This is the first video for the song released on Swift’s album “1989.” Swift began teasing the star-studded cast of the video on her Instagram account.

It stars Taylor Swift (obviously) in one of the lead roles, as “Catastrophe.” Selena Gomez plays opposing character Arsyn. Also making appearances include rapper Kendrick Lamar, Lena Dunham, actress Sereyah, Zendaya, Mariska Hargitay, Ellen Pompeo and Cindy Crawford.

The cinematic trailer is directed by Joseph Kahn, who regularly directs music videos and has also directed feature films “Torque” and “Detention.”

It features with names like Destructa X, where Ellie Goulding sports a bazooka; Cara Develigne called a character named Mother Chucker, who uses num chucks; as well as Hayley Williams portraying a character called Crimson Curse.

Perhaps my favourite: Hailee Steinfeld as a character called The Trinity, and she’s cloned three times. It is the cuteness and charm of Steinfeld, MULTIPLIED BY THREE.

With a narrative that begins with an alarm blaring at an office building, Taylor Swift’s Catastrophe flips a man with her legs and then casually applies lipstick. Arsyn takes a briefcase from Catastrophe and swiftly (HA!) kicks her out of the multi-storey window. It appears to be an ultimate betrayal in a scene that looked like it could have been out of a “Mission: Impossible” flick.

We skip to a scene where her wounds are healed with one of those surgery beds that look like they’re straight off the set of Neill Blomkamp’s “Elysium.” This helps add a vibe of science fiction to the great action sequences, especially a battle scene with swinging knives surely inspired by the final winter showdown in “Kill Bill: Volume I.”

Also awesome is a scene emulating the bike races in “Tron” and Catastrophe punching through a concrete wall; and everything amounts to a face-to-face showdown with explosions in the background.

Basically, can this awesomeness just be made into a freaking movie already? You’re looking at what could be a totally awesome female cast for a film like “The Expendables.”

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