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Synthetic Marijuana and Poison Control

I did not even know that this particular product even existed. Now that I read about how it is constructed, I could not imagine someone willingly putting this kind of atrocity into their bodies, unless they did not know what it was made out of. I am talking about synthetic marijuana. As I write this, I am literally scratching my head and thinking “really?”

Well it is true, and it seems to be harming many people who are using it. If one person had called in to poison control, I would be willing to admit that it may just be unlucky that that person is not quite compatible with the ingredients of the product, but to say more than one person got sick from this is an understatement. From January to April of 2015, calls to the poison control have increased by three hundred and thirty percent due to the substance. This substance was even confirmed as the culprit for killing someone. For those wondering, synthetic marijuana is a product sold legally where chemicals are put on plant-like material, and then is smoked or ingested in some way which then produces a feeling similar to the “high” someone gets when they smoke the real plant.

This is insane. First off, I would be against the idea of chemically producing anything with the intention of producing a high like you get from a natural drug such as marijuana. This also furthers my curiosity as to why a place that allows people to sell this would have marijuana as an illegal drug. It just does not make sense to me. People die everyday from lethal drugs like cocaine, heroin, and even alcohol in extreme cases. As far as I know, marijuana has not been responsible for killing anyone. Have people died while being on marijuana and performing actions that put their life in danger? Sure, but you can argue the same thing with alcohol and drunk driving. I hope this example of people dying and becoming severely ill is enough to have producers discontinue the product.

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