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‘Supergirl’ Coming to DC’s Digital First Lineup

Due to the rising popularity of CBS’s TV series Supergirl, DC is releasing digital-first Supergirl comics. Digital First comics are available to read on a tablet or other computer device for Android and IOS operating systems.

Tech Times reported the following:

“The news was discovered by Bleeding Cool through a listing on Amazon, and the new comic will be a digital-first title, much like the recent Legend of Wonder Woman.

The synopsis highlights the journey that Kara Zor-El took from her home planet of Krypton, following in the footsteps of her cousin Kal-El, or Superman. It also mentions that the comic will follow Kara’s journey in between episodes of the Supergirl TV show.”


It is unclear when it will release for digital purchase, but Amazon lists the paperback version to be available it August; we assume that “Digital First” means the comic will come out before the August paperback release. In the meantime, if you want something Supergirl related, Supergirl vs Shazam is available on the DC website.  You can also check out past articles on Youth Independent for other Supergirl news. New episodes of the show air on Monday nights on CBS.

Take a look at the link below to see what else DC is offering in their Digital-First catalogue.


Take a look at the youtube video for footage from the TV series.

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