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Afghan security patrol site of a suicide car bomb blast in Kabul. Photo: REUTERS/Ahmad Masood

Suicide bomber targets foreign forces in Afghan capital Kabul

A suicide bomber launched an attack on a convoy of foreign troops Sunday morning in the Afghan capital triggering a powerful explosion that wounded three civilians and damaged an armored vehicle. Taliban insurgents fighting the foreign-backed Kabul government claimed the rush-hour attack on the U.K. military vehicles in Kabul.

A deputy spokesman for the interior ministry, Najib Danish, described the attack as a “suicide bombing against a foreign forces convoy in a crowded part of the city and there are casualties.” Danish did not say if the causalities were among foreign forces, but three civilians—including a child– were wounded, Global Post reports.

However, spokesman Colonel Brian Tribus said, “No casualties are reported at this time.” The U.K.’s Ministry of Defense confirmed that there were no British casualties, according to BBC News, adding that an improvised explosive device struck the convoy.

A MoD statement said: “We can confirm that at approximately 9:10 this morning a convoy of U.K. military vehicles on a routine road move as part of the NATO Resolute Support Mission in Kabul was struck by an improvised explosive device. There were no U.K. casualties.” the U.S.-led Resolute Support military coalition in Kabul confirmed that one of its convoys was hit.

The Taliban claimed that several foreign troops were killed by the bomb. Of course, the group tends to exaggerate the number of casualties they force upon coalition forces, Reuters reports.

TV footage revealed a British vehicle from the convoy on turned on its side as Afghan security blocked off the street, Reuters reports. The blast sent the armored vehicle slamming into the sidewalk, its front end badly damaged, according to Global Post.

A witness to the attack said that there was “suddenly an explosion.” The witness, pointing, added that “it threw one of their vehicles—one of the Americans’ vehicles—far away, and their other vehicle was thrown onto this side.”

The Taliban claimed the attack was retaliation for air strikes in Kunduz, which killed doctors and civilians, according to BBC.

This is not the first time the Taliban has attacked Kabul. They attacked a checkpoint close to the entrance to the international airport in Kabul and killed five people in August. Earlier, they attacked a Nato base, a police academy and an Afghan army base where at least 50 were killed.

Sunday’s bombing follows the Taliban’s attack on the city of Kunduz in September. They seized the provincial capital for three days, which was a blow to the Western-trained Afghan forces. BBC reports that the government has regained control.


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