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Suicidal Woman Kills Herself and Two Children

Suicide is a very touchy subject in terms of comments that are made about it. Some families have to deal with suicidal cases, and sometimes there is nothing that can be done in time before something drastic happens. Unfortunately, this is the case for a twenty five year old woman and her two children.

A New Orleans woman who reportedly was suicidal had called her Mother, warning her that she had a gun with her and had a good chance of doing some real damage to herself and her two children. The mother of the woman then called the police and that is how they caught wind of the scenario. The police have not quite positively identified the bodies of the three year old girl and 5 year old boy, but the car they were found in matches the description. The family of this woman requested that they have privacy, so there is not much other information regarding this case to work off of.

What I find rather heart breaking about this case is the fact that the suicidal woman called her Mother and told her that she had a gun and that she might hurt her two kids. I know that suicidal people are obviously unstable, but it seems that she was stable enough to place the phone call, and clearly state that there was a good chance that she may hurt the children. Choosing to end your own life is one thing, but what I do not understand is that if she had enough composure to call her mom and tell her that she may hurt the children, why not get yourself away from the children and allow your family to take them away? I guess it has a lot to do with what goes on in a suicidal Mother’s head. I also hope that saying she was suicidal was not just a cover up for her not wanting to face what she has done. Things like that get me angry. Because then, this not only turns into a case of the women being a horrible person for taking both of her children’s lives, but it also turns into people looking at the woman as a coward for not wanting to face the consequences of what she has done. I am reluctant to point any fingers at the family of this woman, because of the lack of information given for this case, meaning that nobody knows how long this woman was feeling suicidal for, how long she had the gun for, where she got it from, and many other key elements to make this a complete story.

Hopefully other people that may be struggling with suicide see cases like these and how sad they are and decide to admit that they have a problem and reach out for help. Whether it is with friends, family, or a mental facility, taking that first step is the most important.

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