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Success – What To Say And What Not To Say

How do successful people become and stay successful?

When in a professional setting it can be difficult to interpret situations and decide what information is okay to share and what thoughts should be left unsaid. Travis Bradberry imparts the top things that people should NOT talk about in the workplace. Here are a few of the most important ones.

Any hate or resentment you have for your job
What this does is label you as a negative individual. It brings morale down and doesn’t inspire team work. There is always going to be a positive, enthusiastic person who can take your place.
Feeling someone is useless or incompetent
If you can’t get rid of incompetent people, or help them improve then there is no benefit to talking about their skills – or lack thereof. Trying to bring yourself up by putting others down only ends up making you look insecure.
Personal religious and political thoughts and beliefs
You want the perception of you at work to be based purely on your actions in the workplace. Telling people about your personal beliefs will pollute your work reputation. Knowing details of someone’s personal life can and will infiltrate their impression of you in the work world.
Bedroom talk
Talking about your sex life may make a few people laugh, but mostly it makes people feel uncomfortable.
Intent to move up and knock someone else out
Saying that you have hopes and ambitions to move up the ladder is fine. But when your goals are in direct conflict with the interests of your coworkers, you come across as arrogant and uninterested in the well being of those you work with. Most companies place importance on the team being successful, not just one individual.
Stories from your “younger days”
Everything that you have experienced in your past has made you who you are today. However, sharing the poor judgement displayed in your past can have an effect on how people see your judgement now.
That you are looking for other work
It’s fine to move on from a job. But the minute you announce that you are planning to move on – you become a dispensable resource. Once you become expendable, you will always be expendable. So even if your job hunt is unsuccessful you will be viewed as a replaceable worker.


Knowing what not to say is great…but what is even more essential to attaining success is knowing the things you should say. An article by Jeff Haden tells us the things that successful people do say. Here are the some of the most noteworthy ones.

“No one else is willing to do that…so that’s what I will do.”
It’s a sure fire way of making yourself irreplaceable. It makes you stand apart from the rest and gives you an incredible edge over the people who have limits.
“Wow. That wasn’t so bad after all.”
Diving in to do something you were afraid to do can be scary. But once you’ve accomplished it you will gain confidence and eventually the fear of the unknown will dissipate.
“I can’t do everything today…but I can take one small step.”
Plans and goals are great to have but they mean nothing until you take the first step towards them. The first push is always the toughest but the momentum of that step will make the next one a bit easier.
“I don’t care what other people think.”
Fear of judgement can be debilitating. But if you take that fear away you can accomplish things you would never have been able to even dip your toes into before.
“It’s not perfect…and I’m OK with that.”
Let go of your desire to be perfect. Nothing is perfect. “Work hard, do great work and let it go”. There will always be opportunities to improve so until that time comes just be satisfied with your best.
“I should have done better.”
Regret is an anchor that’s hard to cut loose. Everybody makes mistakes but those mistakes are some of your most powerful learning tools. Don’t look back and think I should have done better – look forward and think I will do better.
“That’s OK. I’ll just outwork them.”
The hardest thing is looking at your competition and feeling under qualified. Maybe they have more connections, talent or experience but as long as you are willing to put in twice the work that they do, you will pull ahead. Every time.

Success is fastened to the things you say. So always keep in mind the things you should be sharing and the things that are better kept to yourself.

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