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Steam Customer Service Will Improve By 2015 End

Valve’s Steam digital distribution platform has had issues with poor customer support for a long time.  Steam sells computer (PC) video game content, including the newest video games available. Unfortunately, customer support wait times are too long and sometimes customer issues are not resolved properly.  Kotaku also reported in an earlier article this year that the problem is so bad that Steam received a F rating from the Better Business Bureau.  Reportedly, a Steam user also had his account hacked and did not receive any customer service until more than 11 days later.

The good news is the bad support issues may be resolved before the end of this year.

Valve is working hard to fix the problems by writing new software and training staff to address Steam customer issues. Erik Johnson of Valve spoke to Nathan Grayson of Kotaku about the Steam issues:

“We started by realizing we had a lot of software to write to build a new support system,” Johnson explained. “The first feature that came of that was the ability to get refunds of purchases made on Steam. That made the most sense to start with. If a customer buys something they don’t like, they can get their money back in a pretty transparent way. We think that’s a good feature, but we don’t think it was the fix for support. It had a lot more work behind it that was long-term thinking than just refunds.”

The second software problem that we’re getting through now is how to deal with account security and account theft,” he said. “So we’ve been updating the mobile apps and dealing with two-factor authentication. It’s a surprisingly complicated and prevalent issue inside of Steam, and we have some unique challenges in there. A lot of the load of customer support is a function of the number of transactions you make. Our own games like DOTA and Counter-Strike and TF2 have a lot more transactions than a typical game, so that’s created a lot of load on the system. The ability to trade items and sell items directly on the marketplace, that creates more support load. So all of those are kind of self-inflicted things.’ “

If you have had bad experiences on Steam, hopefully your steam experience will improve.

To hear more stories about bad Steam customer Support, see the Youtube Video from user TheChosen1inc ★ CS:GO And More ★

Warning: Video contains some swearing



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