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‘Star Wars’ Actor Harrison Ford Speaks to ABC Australia about Climate Change

While in Australia to promote the upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Harrison Ford expressed his concerns about climate change during an interview with ABC Australia Wednesday.

ABC Australia reported the following quotes from Ford.

‘Nature will take care of itself — nature doesn’t need people, people need nature to survive,’ Ford told presenter Leigh Sales.

‘The planet will be OK, there just won’t be any damn people on it.’

The veteran star of the Indiana Jones and Star Wars franchises did not mince words when pointing out his disdain for arguments between leaders and countries.

‘People think of [dealing with climate change] as an adversarial process,’ Ford said.

‘They think, well the United States did this with their resources, why are they now telling us that … we have to adopt a behaviour that apparently they did not.

‘Well, that’s all water under the bridge. We’re now all in this point in time on this planet. And if we don’t work together, the consequences are disastrous….

…’Nature [provides] clean air, fresh water, pollinators for our crops, new medicines, new food crops… and we can’t afford to produce these things for ourselves.

‘It has taken a long time for people to understand this reality,’ Ford said.”


Ford has been outspoken about climate change for some time now.  He is a member of Conservation International. Here is a YouTube clip from the TV show Dangerous Living in which Ford discussed his concerns about climate change.


Ford’s opinions sound similar to some of George Carlin’s. Here is an old comedy presentation, about the climate, from the Late George Carlin:

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