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Should Campus officers and Police officers have the same amount of Power?

In this day and age, people are more fearful and on their guard then they were 30 years. Anyone these days can carry a gun, conceal a weapon, and in a split decision, change the lives of everyone around them. One place that seems to be a large target for people ready to snap are Universities, Colleges, and high school campuses.

With events such as this it raises the question in so many people’s minds: should security officers on campuses have the same amount of authority as regular, everyday police officers?

Giving security officers the same amount of authority would give these men and women the chance to act on decisions such as to shoot a potential threat and arrest those they believe to want to cause trouble.

There are always two sides to every story and this one is no different. The question is do we want our kids to be more safe in schools with higher training and security? Or, do we want to have trigger happy officers roaming campus grounds surrounding our kids.

When looking at the subject of keeping our kids safe while they are in a learning environment it seems like giving security guards the power to take out a potentially dangerous situation is a great idea. It seems like every time we watch the news these days, some kid has snapped and decided to shoot up his/her school and “teach the other kids a lesson”. This is a terrifying thought for everyone! Not only are our kids in danger, but their teachers, staff, and any visitors who are in the school or on campus that day. Its a terrifying thought and most want the security of knowing they are safe from harm.

On the other hand, do we really want these security guards to have the ability to shoot a non-potential threat while around our children as well? Anything can go wrong and people, even police, make mistakes while on the job. The news these days is constantly showing dead victims from police shootings who should still be alive. Police tend to shoot first and ask questions later and when they are around our children, we don’t need that tactic. We want our kids safe but if our child is running with what looks like a concealed weapon and an officer acts on his instinct, then a child is gone and another story is on the news.

This is a debate that has been growing bigger as more people are becoming aware of the subject. Decide for yourself. Should Campus officers have the same authority as regular police officers?


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