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False Alarm at Washington’s Navy Yard

A lockdown has already been lifted by Federal law enforcement agents at Washington’s Navy Yard, where earlier today police and ambulance vehicles swarmed the yard looking for a possible intruder.

At around 8:00 am EDT, the United States Navy used Twitter to notify the public that the Navy Yard was under lockdown. Tensions this morning ran high in memory of a 2013 shooting on the same site that led to the death of 12 people. Luckily, this morning, a thorough search by the DC Police did not turn up any shooters or injured individuals.

This morning’s lockdown was prompted when a 911 call was placed from within the Navy Yard with reports of possible gun shot sounds. The lockdown was in place for roughly an hour while the entire grounds were searched.  According to the law enforcement source, the 911 call reported a shooting on the second floor of building 197 – the same building where the 2013 shooting took place.

The 2013 tragedy prompted Washington’s Navy Yard to improve both their security measures and their response protocols, and by every indication, this morning’s lockdown would suggest they have. Nearly immediate response times and swift searches led to a short lived lockdown that got the Navy Yard back up and running again with two hours.

During the September 2013 shooting, Aaron Alexis, a military contractor shot and killed 12 civilian workers at the Navy Yard’s Building 197 before he was shot by the police. According to some lawmakers, Alexis was allowed to fall through the cracks of the VA, instead of receiving much needed mental health attention.

While not entirely necessary, Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House was also closed down during the lockdown.

With Independence Day celebrations only a few days away, threats of any kind are being taken incredibly seriously. Security measures and law enforcement presence are being increased across the country. Last Friday, The FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and the National Counter terrorism Center all share concerns that Independence Day celebrations, as well as an upcoming Prophet Mohammed drawing event may be possible targets for terrorist attacks.

According to the bulletin put out by the three organizations, there are no current plots that they are aware of, but they are exercising extreme caution.

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