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Shauna Hunt Confronts The Growing ‘FHRITP’ Trend

Shauna Hunt is a hero in a real life case of David and Goliath.

What started last year as a fake news cast blooper and has since become a viral phenomenon called ‘FHRITP’. Individuals yell sexual obscenities into the microphones of news broadcasters as they are trying to do their jobs. It seems to have become a form of contagious harassment that spread like wildfire over the last year, making it difficult for reporters to do their jobs. While victims of this sort of attack are usually female, male reporters are also being affected and the perpetrators range anywhere from young children to middle aged individuals!

One news correspondent had suffered long enough. CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt stood strong against three men who thought this kind of heckling was “f*cking hilarious”. She confronted their ignorance asking why they felt the need to yell obscenities at her. She said:

“When you talk into my microphone… and say that into my camera to viewers at the station I work at, it is disrespectful and degrading to me”

One of the men responded by saying, “it has nothing to do with you”. But it does. This type of damage has everything to do with all of us.

According to Hunt, she has heard this kind of attack from 12 year olds and she’s heard it from 40 year olds. It’s become a mob mentality and we’re “sick of it”. It’s not enough of an excuse to just say “we’re not the only people” doing this kind of thing. Just because multiple people are partaking in this disgusting behaviour does NOT mean it’s socially acceptable. If this sort of thing continues, and people carry on thinking it’s funny…what message does that send to younger generations?

Luckily for us, Shauna taking on this massive issue head on has created a whirlwind of support on social media. She’s drawn attention to the anxiety this sort of assault creates. News reporters have had to pull out of live shots because of the fear that they will fall victim to an “FHRITP” attack.

Her bravery has opened up a public dialogue which has allowed people to stand in solidarity saying that this sort of behaviour won’t be allowed. Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment have even released a statement banning the men from all their facilities. We all have a right to do our jobs without fear of being harassed. We all have a right to be out in public without being verbally attacked. The spotlight put on these men have made them an example of what can happen if you choose to disregard those rights. From job loss, to being banned from public stadiums…Shauna Hunt’s message is coming out loud and clear.

Thanks for taking down the Goliath, Shauna! We stand behind you, slingshots in hand!

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