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Sexting Linked To Sexual Satisfaction – New Study!

This weekend, results of a new study on sexting were presented at the American Psychological Association’s 123rd annual convention.

The study was conducted by researchers at Philadelphia’s Drexel University. The research was lead by Emily Stasko and Pamela Geller. It consisted of eight hundred and seventy American participants who aged from 18-82. The study was looking to see if there was a relationship between sexting and sexual satisfaction in relationships.

Of course, sexting has been a hot topic in recent years. From scandalous accidental sexts to malicious sharing of sexts, it’s been a buzz topic on social media for some time.  But the air surrounding “sexting” has been consistently negative. What Stasko her co-authors want to remind us is:

 “This perspective (…) fails to account for the potential positive effects of open sexual communication with a partner.”

Results of the study showed that being on the sending and receiving end of sexting content helps ensure sexual fulfillment in individuals love lives.

Eight out of ten participants confessed to sexting. Eight-two percent admitted to doing so within the last year. Seventy-five percent of those people were sexting to their committed partners whereas forty-three percent were sexting to casual partners. Those who were in a relationship of some capacity experienced greater levels of sexual satisfaction in tune with greater levels of sexting. Stasko stated:

“Given the possible implications for sexual health, it was important to investigate the role ‘sexting’ plays in current romantic and sexual relationships.”

Those who are actively sexting were found to have a profoundly light-hearted attitude towards it. They found the act to be fun, enjoyable and normal in their relationship.

The study showed that participants who were sexually satisfied were from a wide variety of backgrounds and had a wide variety of motivation behind the sexting. Stasko says that as such the link between sexting and satisfaction are strong. She stated:

“The results show a robust relationship between ‘sexting’ and sexual and relationship satisfaction.”

So grab out those phones ladies and gents and give your partner something to smile about!

Just double check the phone number before hitting “send”!

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