Sunday , May 31 2020
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Severe Weather Wreaks Havoc in Texas was not a Happy Mother’s Day in Texas as severe weather wreaked havoc across the state causing numerous injuries and deaths. A total of two deaths have been reported in the small community of Van, Texas; a community of only 2,600 people. Eight people remain missing from the community. The tornado left trees uprooted, flattened houses and forced more than 100 people out of their homes. Several schools were damaged in the tornado and officials are saying that although the damage is severe; it is lucky this storm happened on the weekend when kids were out of school. Officers were going door to door overnight on Sunday to check for people trapped in flattened houses and cars. At least 30% of the community is damaged and many people have lost their entire homes to the tornado. Luckily warning signals rang out loud and clear as the tornado was approaching; and are credited for saving many lives.

Meanwhile in nearby Corsicana heavy rains fell all weekend causing flooding, injuries and even one death. A total of 11 inches of rain fell in just five hours. These rains caused flash flooding and in a tragic accident one man’s vehicle stalled in the swollen creek and he was unable to escape.

Helicopters were busy rescuing families off roofs and pick up trucks in North Texas where water levels had risen to dangerous levels as towns were hit with 6-10 inches of rain over the course of the weekend.

At least 26 tornadoes were reported across the middle of the country on Sunday and the mysterious weather continues to hammer the Central United States throughout today.

In Arkansas a tragic turn of events unfolded as a widespread storm killed a married couple. As the storm ripped through their mobile home only their infant was lucky enough to survive. Reports on the surviving daughter say that she is doing well.

As damaging winds, rain and hail continue to threaten eastward from the Lower Michigan Peninsula to southern and coastal Texas; officials are warning airline passengers and commuters to be aware of delays.

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