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Sandra Bland: Another Person Of Colour Possibly Murdered By Police

It’s no longer a question of if police in America abuse their power and brutalize people of colour. The question now is, how many people of colour have been abused and/or murdered by police in America?

A controversy has erupted over the death of Sandra Bland, a woman who was on her way to a job, was somehow arrested and found dead in jail. Sandra(28) was on her way to Texas July 9th. The next day the police stopped her in traffic for apparently neglecting to signal. It was there, right outside of the campus where she was newly employed to, that she was arrested for “assault on a public servant”, because the police claimed she had become combative.

On July 13th, Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell at the Waller County Station. The police claim the death was suicide, calling it “self-asphyxiation”. Her family is in outrage in addition to their grief, as they are very firm and public about their belief she did not and would not commit suicide.

An investigation is underway to investigate the tragedy. A video surfaced of Sandra’ arrest. In the video the officers are shown to be consistently aggressive, pulling her from her car and putting her to the ground. There is no clear indication from the footage the the young woman had been at all combative. A friend of Sandra’s told ABC how odd the suicide claim was, saying, “The Waller County Jail is trying to rule her death a suicide, and Sandy would not have taken her own life, Sandy was strong. Strong mentally and spiritually.”

The circumstances surrounding the death certainly raise eyebrows, because there are already a long list of names that consist of African American victims of police in the U.S. Among those murdered include Dontre Hamilton, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice.

Let them all rest in peace and in power.

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