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Sam Hunt’s “Leave The Night On” takes Breakthrough Video of the Year

The first time I heard Sam Hunt’s explosive single “Leave The Night On” I did not expect to find an edgy fellow such as himself on the other end of that voice. Hunt has had a great jumpstart on his country career writing singles for stars like Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney, not too shabby! As well as having some personal experience in the behind the scenes work for some independent indie music videos. He is clearly doing something right, as the  went home with a buckle from the CMT Music Video Awards for Breakthrough Video of the Year: Sam Hunt – “Leave The Night On”.

I’m at war with myself over this video and I can’t quite put my finger on why. 

So he is not your stereotypical country singer, but this guy has got the girls screaming like Luke Bryan at in those slim fit, boot cut jeans.

Overall I would not say this year was a great example of the talent in country music, same goes for the videos. But it seems as though the caliber in (country) music videos is completing a cycle, leaving behind the Jessica Simpson approach (Sorry, guys). But then again, Hunt (literally) drove his own path, which obviously allowed him more creative freedom, on a relatively low budget (lets remember he is relatively new to the country scene).

After hearing the song, I really expected him to have gone for a small-town vibe, but in contrast I can see why he didn’t and I think I appreciate that more. His approach is real, allowing fans to get a taste of what this “Sam Hunt guy” is all about.

There is a phrase I keep hearing more and more frequently, “that/he/she isn’t even country”. This phrase comes to mind when talking about Hunt’s music style. The country child in me whose first concert was Terri Clark and David Lee Murphy is screaming, but the musician in me can separate the old approach from the new. Bottom line: Music is an ever-evolving thing, and his songs are just as catchy as any pop song to take over the radio.

Artistically, the video wasn’t anything mind blowing, but I do feel Hunt deserved some recognition. The only hope I have is for his future videos to have a little more depth, because it is obvious that he is capable of so much more.

All in all, I think it was great as a breakthrough video, its snappy, fun and features him eating a pizza. In his acceptance speech Hunt mentioned the filming of the video, he with a bunch of his buddies filmed it in a weekend, and had a great time doing it. At the end of the day, isn’t that what its all about? I will be waiting to see what this guy does next.

Moral of the story: Don’t judge a country singer by his unique hair styling choices.

Plot Flaw: Sam, you’re beautiful. But you’re also just about that age where the whole “sober-cab-driver-strolling-into-parties” thing is bordering on parental concern.


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