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Ryan Gosling Gets The Giggles On ‘SNL’

Hollywood A-lister, Ryan Gosling, couldn’t hold it together during his Saturday Night Live appearance.

Gosling, 35, hosted last weekend’s Saturday Night Live. The actor, usually known for his serious characters and dramatic acting, was unable to keep his cool during the hilarious sketches. It’s one thing to act for film and another to act on live television.

It was an all around hard night for him to keep a straight face. He was trying to hold back the chuckles for all of the sketches he was in, but the alien abduction sketch has gone viral with fans.

About half way through the five minute bit, he starts to lose it and he ends up bringing down co-stars Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, Bobby Moynihan and even the star of the skit, Kate McKinnon, has to release a few chortles here and there!

SNL is accustomed to people laughing while in character. It’s also known as “breaking” and Gosling certainly wasn’t the first to break on the show. In 2004, both Jimmy Fallon and Lindsay Lohan got the giggles during a Debbie Downer sketch they participated in for SNL.

Ryan may be a great actor, and he may be handsome, but he isn’t above breaking during a gritty Saturday Night Live skit. It’s okay Gosling, we love you all the more for it!

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