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Roblox Indie Games Coming To Xbox in December

Started by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 as Dynablocks  (later renamed Roblox), the highly popular Roblox indie game service is now coming to Xbox One.

The Roblox platform makes Indie game creation more accessible for those who want to make games for hobby, profit, or both. These games are stored on cloud servers and can be played on phones, tablets, and other devices, by gamers all around the world.

Currently available for IOS, Android and PC, the Roblox app will be released on Xbox ONE on December 3, 2015.

Jessica Conditt from Endgadget reports what CEO David Baszucki had this to say about the Roblox platform:

We’re really trying to make it easy for first-time game developers to get their creations out there, to have a big audience — 6 million monthly people — who can consume and play their games,” Baszucki says. “And now we’re bringing that to console.”

By storing the games on the cloud and streaming them from the cloud servers, Roblox helps indie game developers avoid the problem of having to reprogram a game for multiple computer hardware and software architectures. Reported by Ryan Mccaffrey of IGN, Rick Silvestrini the Chief Marketing Officer at Roblox had this to say:

“We believe we’re the best place in the world to build and develop your first game,” says Roblox Chief Marketing Officer Rick Silvestrini. “We have created the only platform in the world where you can build a game once and have it deploy across PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and now Xbox.”

The Roblox  game library includes games with 3D graphics, and features many different game genres.

The Roblox app will release on Xbox One with 20 free to play games, but the editing and game creation tools will not be available on the Xbox One console. According to the Roblox blog, The following games will be included:

Heroes by Davidii, Super Bomb Survival by Polyhex, Tiny Tanks by Sharksie, Bird Simulator by Avian Skies, and Coalesce by GodofDonuts.

If you are interested, go to to sign up and start making and playing Roblox games.

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