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‘REZ Infinite’ coming to PS4

In 2001, Rez was released for the Sega Dreamcast and later for the Playstation 2. The video game will be making a return as an HD remaster for the PlayStation 4 known as Rez Infinite. Earlier today, during the Playstation Experience Keynote in San Francisco, Rez producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi played the game on stage while wearing VR goggles and a vibrating light emitting body suit. While looking like a futuristic astronaut, Miyaguchi and his in-game actions were shown on the projector screens for the audience to see.


Jeff Grub from Venture Beat repoted the following about the suit:

“…26 rumble actuators sewn throughout. These tiny motors are then connected to Rez Infinite and buzz in response to what is happening inside the game. This means you can feel the music.

Unfortunately, you’ll only get to try this suit out if you have an appointment to try Rez Infinite at PlayStation Experience this weekend.

It will be interesting to see if rumble suits will be available for retail purchase along with the Rez Infinite and the VR goggles. A synesthesia experience, or activating many senses in harmony, is what Rez is all about.  The original Ps2 version had an optional rumble pad for sale that the player could sit on to experience the vibration in their body in addition to the vibrating controller in their hands.  The VR goggles and suit take the synesthesia experience to a higher level.


An HD version of Rez was released on Xbox360 in 2008.  Since then, fans have wanted to see it released on PS3. Even a petition was made at for a Ps3 release. On Ps4, REZ Infinite looks like it might be the best version yet. With 1080p resolution, it surpasses the Xbox360 720p version.

Rez is and was an awesome game. It is the kind of game where there is never a dull moment.  It’s a short game, but one that is always fun an has a very high replay value.  Many fans are probably happy with the reveal of Rez Infinite.  It’s unclear when the game will release, but the sooner the better.

At the end of the video you will notice a short clip of an unknown area called Area X, which was not present in the original game.  Hopefully new content will be available in Rez Infinite.

Here are two separate youtube clips of the event and one of a review of Rez.

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