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Regardless of weight, those with belly fat have increased health risks

A new study published on Annals Of Internal Medicine indicates that those who have an excess amount of belly fat are at greater risk for early death. This is true for those even at an average BMI.

The mind-set of many slender and/or people of an average weight is that they can consume whatever they would like at any frequency as long as they maintain figure. This is an unfortunate myth, which many heavily begrudge. The truth is that regardless of your weight or body distribution, what you eat has an impact on your health. Ample jiggle and curves should be the least of your problems if you have an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Belly fat is especially concerning because of the way it interacts with the rest of your body. It goes deep and covers organs. The more there, the more your kidneys will soak up and convert to cholesterol. Cholesterol in excess can make the arteries harden. This could lead to fatal cardiac conditions and possibly a heart attack or stroke.

Diabetes is also an associated concern due to your body becoming insulin resistant. Diabetes is a word used so much in media it seems like many don’t soak in the significance it entails. Diabetes causes many individual problems, which are all very taxing on those that suffer from it. This is in addition to being dependent on insulin injections and constant blood sugar monitoring.

In order to avoid these health concerns, experts suggest you adjust your lifestyle with a big emphasis being on your diet. Foods to avoid are processed foods and meats. It is important to consume lots of nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Another key aspect is to proactively find ways to reduce your daily stress.

The moral of this story is not of fear mongering or fat shaming, but that it’s important to take care of yourself and be conscious of what is good for you and what is not in all aspects of your life, regardless of your size.

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