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Red Wine and Chocolate May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

Resveratrol, a compound found in red wine and chocolate, could help stabilize a common biomarker of Alzheimer’s, researchers say.  Detailed in the Neurology journal, the study took 119 patients suffering from Alzheimer’s with delicate to average symptoms and gave half of them resveratrol and the rest a placebo.  Over the course of a year, the research revealed that those taking the placebo experienced a decline in their amyloid-beta40 (Abeta40) ranges in blood and spinal fluid, something that typically happens in the later stages of dementia in people with Alzheimer’s according to lead researcher Dr. R. Scott Turner from Georgetown College Medical Middle in Washington.  Meanwhile, those given the compound were found to have little to no change in their Abeta40 ranges.

Naturally found in purple grapes, chocolate, peanuts, and some pink wines, the resveratrol given to the patients was an artificial form of the compound so that researchers could know exactly how much was being given to the patients.  The dosage they were given was equivalent to 1,000 bottles of pink wine a day.

“Number one, we found that resveratrol was safe in older people with Alzheimer’s disease and number two, it looked like it may have had a beneficial effect on biomarkers and disease progression.” said Dr Scott Turner.  “Nonetheless, we will not conclude from this research that the consequences of resveratrol remedy are useful.  It does seem that resveratrol was capable of penetrating the blood-brain barrier, which is a vital statement.”

Turner also noted that resveratrol is different from other Alzheimer’s medications.  The compound’s approach to the proteins is a bit of a skewed method, so researchers are still looking into its use for fighting dementia before advocating it as solid treatment.  However the study did prompt the launch of a foundation for further studies on resveratrol.

“We’d like additional research to see if it actually does have a profit.” Turner stated.


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