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Rare “Sofa Shark” Found Off The Coast of Scotland

An accidental find has made a huge new contribution to marine exploration. Experts from the United Kingdom were conducting research off the coast of St. Kilda when they accidently caught a unique species of shark.

The team of marine biologists from Marine Scotland Science were conducting a survey when the shark was located in the trawl of the boat. The shark has a unique alien-like appearance. The team of researchers were surprised at the finding. Before returning the shark to ocean, they quickly weighed and measured it for their research. The shark weighed in at 132 pounds, at a length of nine feet and eight inches.

The finding is identified as a false catshark, or a sofa shark. Its scientific name is a Pseudotriakis microdon, known for its slow movements. The sofa shark is related to ground sharks, known for their habitation close to the floor of the ocean.

Marine biologist Fancis Neat identifies this shark as a rare species that has not been seen for over 10 years in British waters.

The shark founded by the researches has a broad shaped head, narrow eyes, and a large mouth with a small, round snout. It resembles the appearance of a blobfish due to the large flaps ufound under the rims of its nostrils.

The sofa shark is a major predator in the ocean. The shark also scavanges the ocean floor for food with its small, sharp teeth. Some of its prey include snake mackerel, cutthroat eel, octopus, eel, and lantern sharks.

Though not a particularly appealing creature, this rare find holds significant value to the research. The sofa shark is a rare species, and this finding will have large impacts on the research, adding it to the list of indigenous marine creatures in Scotland. The last research identified only 32 shark species in Scotish waters. However, the most recent findings suggest there are 72 species of shark found deeper in the ocean.

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