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Rappers Birdman and Young Thug Allegedly Connected to Recent Shooting of Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus

New details surrounding the shooting of rapper Lil Wayne’s tour bus in April reveal artists Birdman (real name Bryan Williams) and Young Thug (Jeffrey Williams) to be quite possibly connected.  According to E! News, a legal indictment from June 25 against Jimmy Winfrey – the man who was actually charged for the shooting – has acknowledged a phone call made to the two rival rappers before and after the gunfire.

The indictment outlines quite a few indications that Birdman and Young Thug were involved.  For starters, Winfrey, Young Thug, Birdman, and Lil Wayne were all Blood gang members, and the report claims Winfrey is a ‘high-ranking’ member in the Young Slime Life subsection of the Bloods.  It goes on to detail that five days before the shooting, Young Thug posted a video on his instagram making threats to Lil Wayne with Winfrey while spouting gang references and showing firearms.

Then, on the night of the incident Young Thug was reportedly booed off-stage at a gig in New Orleans while the crowd chanted Lil Wayne’s name – who was coincidentally doing a show the same night in Atlanta.  The allegations state that Winfrey must have started organizing the barrage alongside several other Blood members sometime while Lil Wayne was on stage.  Winfrey was even seen arriving outside the venue in a white Chevrolet Camaro by Atlanta police, who noted that there was an “assault rifle” visible in the vehicle.  The police proceeded to move Lil Wayne from the performance in an attempt to stop the oncoming gang violence, however they only escorted him until his tour bus left the city, which is when Winfrey and his crew were thought to have pulled up beside the buses and opened fire.  The indictment states that Winfrey then later called Birdman’s phone and hid his car.

It’s not a shocking event as far as rap beefs go, however it is when you consider how close Birdman and Wayne used to be.  Wayne has even referred to the rapper as a father figure in the past, before a falling out last year over a management dispute regarding Wayne’s latest album Tha Carter V.  The shooting also occurred a few months after Wayne filed a lawsuit in New York over his old label Cash Money Records owing him $8 million.

Birdman and Young Thug are not yet facing charges.

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