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Pugs Say Their Vows

You don’t know love, until you’ve fallen for a pug.

Being a pug owner may make me a bit bias, but I believe pugs to be one of the most beautiful creatures on this earth. Pug Rescue and Adoption Victoria Inc agrees. They are a no kill pug rescue organization that is dedicated to taking in pugs of all shapes, sizes and conditions and doing everything in their power to rehabilitate them. But not only rehabilitate them…they also help find them their forever homes!

My absolute favorite thing about this charity, founded by Joanna Herceg, is that they are also committed to informing potential pug owners of the ins and outs of pug ownership. Pugs are very special dogs who have a very special set of needs. They make sure each and every person who comes in to adopt a furbaby is well aware of everything pug related – from roll cleaning and shedding to their incessant need to be on top of you at all times.

Yesterday, May 17th, was a memorable and elegant day for the organization but also for the pug community in general! Two rescued pugs, previously from Pug Rescue and Adoption Victoria, got hitched! The beautiful Jasmine, and the handsome Jasper – adopted eighteen months ago – got to exchange their sniffs and share some licks in front of 350 people and 60 pugs.

***I, Jasmine, take you, Jasper, for my lawful husband,

to snuggle, snore and shed with from this day forward.***

It was a beautiful wedding set at the West Beach Bathers Pavilion in Melbourne. Both the bride and groom looked dashing in their couture, designer attire and the bridal party looked equally as charming. The event featured: drinks, cake, music, successful adoption stories, a silent auction and a wishing well for donations.

Herceg’s goal was to share pug love and raise awareness but it was also to raise $20, 000 for urgently needed medical and general care supplies. For those not wanting to donate money, there is also an online gift registry:

To read more about their organization and or to make a donation, visit:

Help change a pugs life, and that pug will change yours.

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