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Photo: Sarah Levy

Portland artist creates Trump portrait with menstrual blood

An artist from Portland, Oregon is protesting Donald Trump’s comments against illegal immigration by painting a portrait of the GOP presidential front-runner. It seems completely normal for a mad artist, right?

No. It’s making national headlines because Sarah Levy painted the portrait with her own menstrual blood. The painting is a portrait of Republican Donald Trump sporting his signature comb over with dark streaks of blood. He is also depicted with pursed lips and one eye filled with blood.

“I heard the comments he made to Megyn Kelly and I was outraged that he was basically using women’s periods not just to avoid a political question but also to insult her and all women’s intelligence,” she said, according to USA Today. Additionally, Levy told BuzzFeed that Trump “thinks he can bring up the healthy functioning of women’s reproductive systems to insult women’s intelligence is a big problem that I think needs to be called out.”

Levy said that she’s still searching for a buyer for the portrait titled “Whatever,” the Huffington Post reported.

The title of the painting is a reference to a CNN interview Trump had in August in which he inferred that Fox Host Megyn Kelly was on her period during the first GOP debate. After the Republican presidential debate on Fox news, Trump said that “you could see there was blood” coming out of Kelly’s eyes. “Blood coming out of her wherever,” he said.

Well, Trump, it looks like she painted blood coming out of your face. And Levy said that it wasn’t a hard job.

“I could basically use it like watercolors with a paintbrush,” she said. “I definitely recommend painting with your menstrual blood.” Eww.

She went on to say that she may continue to paint with menstrual blood. “I still have more blood so I’m thinking of doing a few more portraits until I run out,” she said, according to Washington Times.

Levy plans to auction “Whatever” off online and donate the money to immigrants in the United States. She said that Trump’s campaign kick-off speech remarks about illegal immigrants and Mexico influenced her to do so.

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