Monday , May 25 2020
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Plane Makes Emergency Landing on New Jersey Highway

A single-engine plane made an emergency landing on a New Jersey highway on Sunday, creating a confusing and interesting sight for drivers. The plane came down for an emergency landing after losing engine power during its flight. After what appeared to be a struggle for the pilot to avoid the car traffic below, the pilot successfully landed the plane on the highway and into the grass median.

A video of the landing was released on the Facebook page of the Stafford Township Police Department.

The plane was carrying sky-diving students from the Skydive East Coast skydiving school. One of the instructors received a small cut on his arm, but outside of that there were no reported injuries. Despite the unlikely landing strip, no cars were involved in the landing.

Following the landing, the video released to social media shows drivers slowing to pass the plane. As expected, many drivers took caution passing as they analyzed and looked at the rare sighting. The plane had minimal damage, and it soon become a frenzy among social media users, with one Twitter user tweeting an image with the caption “let me just land my plane on 72 real quick”.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.


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